Größe: 56 cm x 42 cm
gerahmt: Nein
Signiert: auf der Rückseite signiert
Jahr: 2019

In these abstract works of art the forms, patterns and colors are dancing in their own right!

The symbiosis between the colors, the shapes and the patterns, creates a context and composition that allows the viewer to connect with familial forms, and thereby create his/her individual interpretation of the work.

This color-intensive work of art is a mixed technique of acrylic, ink and spraypaint.

Julia Benz

Born in Wittlich. Lives and works in Berlin. Julia Benz graduated from the Berlin University of the Arts with a master's degree in painting. Her paintings celebrate the boundary between the daily visible and the mystical seclusion. The two worlds of experience are not mutually exclusive, but dynamically influence each other, creating subtle in-between levels and distant horizons of interpretation. Appearance and disguise, concrete form and abstract dissolution go hand in hand in Benz 'paintings, celebrating ambivalence as a contextual and compositional occasion that allows the viewer to connect with familiar forms and immediately drop them into a bottomless cosmos of color. Julia Benz paints on paper, canvas as well as murals and combines different materials, which makes her work complex and versatile. In addition to solo and group exhibitions, she has participated in projects and workshops in Sudan, Uganda, Bangkok and Finland in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut.
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