Since 2012, the Affenfaust Galerie has offered young and established artists a forum for contemporary art.
Her exhibition program ranges from various positions in painting, drawing, and sculpture to room installations, performances, and video works. The curatorial understanding of the two gallery owners Frederik Schäfer and Marcus Schild is based on a consistent openness for new forms of expression. Thus, different formats and projects are repeatedly realized, some of which take place in public space or outside Hamburg.

In addition to a presentation platform for currently relevant art, the Affenfaust Galerie therefore sees itself as a place of networking: the 'Affenfaust', a particularly nested sailor's knot that is used in merchant shipping to weigh down the sweatline when the ships moor, metaphorically stands for a creative knotting of art and culture with a view to the gallery.
JANUARY 2012 "Affenfaust" is founded by Marcus Schild (*1986), Lycien David-Csery (*1987) and Frederik Schäfer (*1983) as offspace on St.Pauli. Numerous exhibitions and various events follow.
JULY 2012 First internationally renowned exhibition with the Swiss artist duo Geraldiné et Tizian.
SEPTEMBER 2012 Participation in the Reeperbahn-Festival, as well as the organization of the opening event of the Comic-Festivals.
2013 Establishment in the Hamburg art scene through monthly exhibitions from the Area of urban art with local and international artists
OKTOBER 2013 Alignment of the first Knotenpunkt Festivals in an old industrial building on the Kolbenhof premises. Robert Neuendorf is accepted as the fourth "monkey fistula".
APRIL 2014 change of name to "Affenfaust Galerie". New logo and extended internet presence with Onlineshop.
JULY 2014 The exhibition "Katzen gehen immer" is featured in the renowned ART-Magazine and the MONOPOL magazine positively received.
OKTOBER 2014 Second Knotenpunkt Festival with 40 international artists and 4000 visitors on four days. For the first time, large house facades are designed by UrbanArt artists.
MAY 2015 Removal into a 1000sqm large, former supermarket on St.Pauli. Opening event "Das Eigene Ich" with over 2000 visitors.
2015 Continuing increase in visitor numbers. Highly regarded exhibitions, the third edition of the Knotenpunkt Festival, Cooperation with Galleries, of the Kunsthalle, Millerntor Gallery and the Artville/Dockville.
2016 Exhibition highlight: "142 Jahre Kunst in Hamburg" with twelve Hamburg galleries. Participation of ArtFair Cologne.
March 2017 Founding of Paul Roosen Contemporary as a gallery with a focus on the presentation of young, international artists who often work site-specifically and installatively.
June 2017 G20 in Hamburg. The summit will be critically accompanied by an exhibition of Aballa Al Omari and the Museum of Capitalism.
March 2018 Together with Cramer Möbel we breathe new life into the venerable Home villa in Eimsbüttel.
May 2018 Young artists from Iran, Afghanistan and Europe present their works at the festival Wundern über Tanawo' at the Elbphilharmonie, the Kampnagel and the Affenfaust Galerie.
August 2018 Knotenpunkt goes Tel Aviv!
April 2019 Mural at the Monopterurs in Eppendorf with Björn Holzweg.
Mai 2020 Beginning of the Corona-Pandemie. With the project "Stay Home! Let's Puzzle" we bring people all over the world together to puzzle.
August 2021 Mural at a former bunker with 1010.
Dezember 2021 PopUp Store in downtown Hamburg near the Bucerius Kunstforum.
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