Größe: 70 cm x 50 cm
Edition von: 100
gerahmt: Nein
Nummeriert: Ja
Jahr: 2020
Signiert: Ja

This kind of artwork is typical for Elmar Lause. Lause sees the beauty of the existing and sometimes changes it just a little. The overpaintings, in which it looks as if the face is dissolving ghostly, have become a trademark for Elmar Lause.

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Elmar Lause

Elmar Lause is a master of collage and the alienation of what we know. By bringing together the most diverse objects and materials such as toys, balls, doll's eyes or antlers, the artist creates bizarre fantasy figures that seem to challenging us. Lause not only brings his surreal creatures and grimaces to life through assemblages and sculptures, but also portrays them in his paintings.
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