Color Bomb
Sold out
Size: 50 cm x 70 cm
Year: 2020
Numbered: yes
Signed: Yes
Framed: No
Edition of: 100
Info: Coco Bergholm's work "Color Bomb" shows a group of police officers wearing protective clothes, covering themselves with defensive shields against flying objects and color bombs. The color spots on their shields create a contrast to the black police equipment, which has a de-individualizing effect: through the helmet, visor, joint protectors, safety shoes and bullet vest, every attribute of the individual personality is camouflaged. The protective gear functions as a closed, authority-giving shell; as a surface that denies any view to the inside. To what extent can such a minimal visual modification on that surface of an executive state organ already be considered an political or artistic intervention? And who is actually protecting whom from whom?
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