Dissection of an Astronaut
Größe: 47,5 cm x 63,3 cm
Jahr: 2020
Extras: 1000 Teile
Signiert: Nein
Edition von: 500


Art Puzzle Collection


Nychos, founder of Rabbit Eye Movement, is an internationally renowned artist, noted for his exceptional anatomical imagery. His large-scale murals of translucent and dissected characters can be sighted all around the globe. Deeply rooted in Graffiti and Street Art and shaped by pop-cultural influences, Nychos creates murals, fine art, illustrations and sculptures. Nychos was born and raised in Austria. He currently lives and works both in Vienna, Austria and Los Angeles, California. ABOUT HIS WORK Breaking surfaces, seeking depths – layer by layer. Driven by a singular curiosity, Nychos creates art in order to examine a question, that has always been with him: How deep can you go? By the means of anatomy, he investigates the living species within different contexts and different media. His favorite tool is the spray can, his favorite surface is large. Questioning contrasts, he unifies looseness and accuracy. Severity and irony. The inner and the outer world. The dark and the bright. And most importantly, life and death. Within his oevre, one embraces the other. All becomes one.
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