At the first view Kunstrasen is a classic stencil artist, at second glance you can see the recurring connections in the world of art history. Which he translates into his medium the \"stencil\" in contemporary street art. Street artists who have adopted the medium of the stencil are often strikingly political and thus express their grievances or ask the world. Kunstrasen treats here goes another way he uses art icons in the form of modern art works and puts them into a story. In the work \"Spot Remover\", for example, a cleaning lady wipes dots clean which are supposed to remind us of the dots of Damien Hirst. In the work \"Art Rodeo\" a man with a spray can rides up with a spray can spraying the Balloon Dog by Jeff Koons. David would like to draw attention to the fact that the viewing and accepted art league à la Koons, Hirst... often laugh at the new artists and art movements and don\'t take them seriously. Only when the acceptance has arrived in the society and there is no escape there are also the upper leagues. Mehr über Kunstrasen
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