Geisterfahrer Hoodie Unisex Summersand
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Unisex organic cotton hoodie with embroidered flamingo.

Affenfaust Galerie x recolution

Here, art happens in public space, which can be experienced and experienced by all. It invites us to help shape our living space and society. It demands openness and promises new perspectives.

The Affenfaust Gallery, a creative place for networking art and culture, meets the sustainable style of recolution! Founded on Hamburg Sankt Pauli: Urban Art and Sustainable Fashion that want the same thing - to change perspectives and connect people.

Kunst steht dir gut! Access Art now!

Flamingo T-shirt Schwarz | Affenfaust Galerie

recolution - Urban, sustainable, uncompromising. Long-lasting favorite pieces designed in Hamburg, produced in Europe and developed for a world that should still be worth living in tomorrow.

Cotton and wood instead of petroleum: recolution only uses fabrics where they can trace exactly where they come from. The styles, for example, are organic and mostly GOTS certified, so free of all the harmful substances (bye-bye, pesticides!).

Flamingo T-shirt Schwarz | Affenfaust Galerie

recolution produces for the most part in Europe. This shortens the way from the sewing machine to your closet. We work exclusively with manufacturers who are GOTS-certified and have high quality standards. The machines are operated by experts who have a fair workplace.


@kriegundfreitag is actually Tobias Vogel and has been publishing his now famous humorous and poetic stick figure drawings on various social networks since 2017. The name "@kriegundfreitag" was created by the autocorrect of his cell phone, which wrote "Friday" instead of "peace". He gained greater fame with his stick figure chain and the associated fundraising campaign he drew in 2018 on the occasion of the riots in Chemnitz. After the publication of his first book "Schweres Geknitter" in 2019, the Hamburg native hung up his bread job in 2020. In the meantime, as a full-time artist, he inspires a total of more than 275,000 people on social networks. In 2019, he won the Grimme Online Award in the "Culture and Entertainment" category, and in 2020 he was awarded the Max-undMoritz Audience Award at the Comic Salon Erlangen. The phenomenon @kriegundfreitag draws its fascination from the combination of minimalist strokes, pointed linguistic wit and intelligent themes. When @kriegundfreitag picks up the pen, he plays with everything at hand: he incorporates objects, works with the drawing pad, and is not afraid to place highly philosophical and existentialist thoughts next to corny jokes and puns. Meanwhile, several books by @kriegundfreitag have been published, filled with philosophical, intelligent and humorous cartoons and photo collages about humor in the mundane things of everyday life, the longing for love, being overwhelmed by the world and oneself, and the search for answers to questions big and small.
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