It’s all over now
Größe: 55 cm x 34 cm x 16,5 cm
Jahr: 2016

Kanister, ausgeschnitten

John Trashkowsky

The Swiss artist John Trashkowsky describes his art as follows: “Contemporary art to surprise you out of your anti-psychotic, coffee-swilling, anxiety-ridden pill-popping paranoia. With joy.” First World Problems, exploitative structures of capitalism, definitions of mental and physical health, as well as war, politics, and racism are reflected in Trashkowsky's sculptural and installation artworks. Little is known about his person, as even his pseudonym is a deliberate choice.It is often iconically charged motifs and objects or even trash (Trash) that Trashkowky brings together in his minimalist compositions, creating sometimes ironic, sometimes dramatic twists in the minds of us recipients. In addition to many European cities, his art has been shown in exhibitions in New York, Seoul, Moscow and Hong Kong.
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