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Größe: 20 cm x 20 cm
Jahr: 2024
gerahmt: Ja
Signiert: auf der Rückseite signiert

Mixed Media

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Mathieu LUCAS

One of the roles of art is to make us see differently, and Mathieu LUCAS fulfills this role by playing with miniature scale, He has fun awakening our childlike souls by showing us our world from an unprecedented angle. Is this proposal for a high, miniature view a way of making us witness the scene, and of making us small in the face of the world we let ourselves see? the world we're leaving to future generations? Is the viewer in the place of a god, with the gaze of an omniscient narrator? watching his creation deteriorate under man's influence? Mr. LUCAS's artistic work evolves as awareness grows, expanding the spaces represented. We move from the playgrounds of his youth, to cities, then to the oceans, before moving on to other planets and ending up with a world told and decomposed. Mathieu LUCAS gives us access to his imagination. It's up to us to seize it.
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