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14.03.2015 - 04.04.2015

Moritz Green


The Affenfaust Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition „Chimäre“ by Artist Moritz G. Green from 14.03.2015 to 04.04.2015 in Hamburg/Germany. Chimeras are everyday phenomena in the modern world, in which the differentiation between the seeming and the real becomes difficult. They are delusions, that move amid fiction and reality and show different aspects of its being, concerning the point of view of the recipient. Our perception combines the contradiction, that delusions can never truly become reality, but nevertheless create their own reality. The images of Moritz G. Green combine different elements of classical printing with the paper cut technique, just in order to create a collision with his pop cultural, graffity- based aesthetics . An inter- and counteraction of the various technical approaches developes pictures, that have an ambivalent meaning. The often strong coulorfulness of the works suggest an artform, which seems to have its centre in formal graphics. Nevertheless this superficial expectation is suddenly broken by the ambiguity of the pictures. The gambling with this explicit vagueness of the motives, is the reference frame for the solo exhibtion „Chimäre“. Sharp colourfields lie on top of each other and bring a new form of coating into being. Often just hinted fragments of humans, animals or architecture lead to a collision of form, figure and space. The works of Green arise in reaction with digital instruments. Manual setting of colourfields, as well as working with the spraycan and digital revision interlock with each other in the process. Thereby a picture language is created, that has references between american hardedge painting, cubism and the New Objectivity of the golden twenties. But the central part of inspiration for Moritz G. Green is his backgound in the Street- and Graffityculture, in which he grew up. Moritz G. Green, born 1979, was raised in Hamburg/Germany and made his first experiences with graffity with the age of 12. Since that day he has made a name for himself as „Golden Green“ on the worldwide stage of street painting. In this context Moritz G. Green also is a member of the international graffity collective „Ultra-Boyz“. Meanwhile his work in open space and his work in the studio influence each other in both ways. In the combination of the two, Green developes his own artistic signature, that by now moves beyond the picture language of Graffity, but never forgets its origin. (Text: Michele Olm)

14.03.2015 - 04.04.2015

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