Flowers For Paul | Affenfaust Galerie

19.04.2024 - 11.05.2024

Alberto Lamback

Flowers for Paul

Alberto Lamback's art explores the limits of our visual perception. His paintings oscillate between abstraction and figuration. What is depicted figuratively on the background is usually shown in muted colors and dissolving contours, as if it were surrounded by a cloak of blurriness. By adding abstract color elements to the canvas, Lamback completely breaks up the figurative character of the painting and draws attention to the painted surface. In this way, he brings the act of painting itself into focus and turns it into a form of representation.

In "Flowers for Paul", his paintings - created explicitly for the exhibition - suggest the contours of floral still lifes, whose blurring is reminiscent of long exposures in photography. Lamback has now rehabilitated what was generally regarded as a deficiency as a central process in his pictorial production, combining the traditional genre of still life with abstract painting. His art can therefore also be understood as a kind of resistance to the supposedly unambiguous and motivates us to take a closer look in times of image overload. For it is precisely by pausing for a moment that we can engage with the complexity of his works.

Alberto Lamback (*1985 in Paris) lives and works in Brasilia, Brazil.


19.04.2024 - 11.05.2024


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