1010 Julian Gorten False Flag City | Affenfaust Galerie

14.11.2015 - 12.12.2015

1010 &
Julian Gorten

False Flag City

The Hamburg based artists Julian Gorten and 1010 present their first exhibition in the Affenfaust Gallery. This constallation connects two different artistic posititions as well as two different ways of working.1010 creates serial work cycles in the classical papercut technique and large-scale paintings in public spaces. Clear and sharp edged forms continually change in tranisitions from light to deep dark colors, until they vanisch in nothingness. In the mean time one can find such „abysses“ all over the world on buildings, on the ground or painted on a huge highway. Below the surface of the abstract Paintings, depth is created not only through metaphorical aspects.
While 1010 suggests threedimensionality on a twodimensional surface with his papercuts and mural paintings, Gorten intentionally works in three dimensions. Blacked, powerful sculptures are beeing processed in a massive way. Gorten works intuitively, the sculptures are work in process. For him, it is important to give space for coincidences and openness. In this process an art is developed, that works with classical sculptural methods. With his work Gorten moves between installation and sculpture. With every new piece, he creates a new part of his own, self-contained world.
The impact of this expressive-intuitive position of Gorten with the well calculated and abstract way of working of 1010, leads to a change of the common perspective. With a closer look from the viewer, opposites result in a form of synergy and a possibility for further artistic progression. Through this interaction of the two esthetically different ways of creating art, emerges the exhibition „False Flag City“.


14.11.2015 - 12.12.2015


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