Woodville Flock B
Größe: 63 cm x 50 cm
gerahmt: Nein
Signiert: Ja

Handmade archival cotton Irish paper, with flecks of sheeps wool with coloured farmers marks and sheep-marking agricultural spray paint.
A limited ‘Flock Edition’ of 90 unique works on Irish handmade paper.
The paper edition is one of the last to be made by the last handmade paper makers in Ireland.

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Ronan Dillon

Ronan Dillon was born and raised in Dublin and is now living on the west coast of Ireland. In these green natural landscapes, the artist and designer was inspired in particular by one of the few parallels to city life: the use of spray paint. Used as an artistic practice in the city, spray paint is typically utilized by sheep farmers in the countryside to mark their own animals. The woolly markings are reminiscent of graffiti tags and are sprayed by hand in bright neon colors on the sheep by their owners. Dillon echoes these farmers' individual color and mark combinations in his art by applying the same agricultural spray paint, characterized by a softer, speckled texture, to handmade cotton paper. Dillon's work takes on an additional documentary character by naming each piece after the exact location of the sheep, which can be traced.
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