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Größe: 105 cm x 80 cm
gerahmt: Ja
Jahr: 2023
Signiert: Ja

Cars glued on epoxy resin.

Further Description by Brokovich,  "I use children’s cars here, objects that we all had and played with during our childhood. Beyond the naive side, this is a huge traffic jam, perhaps evoking the end of the old mode of transport turned towards the individual car and all oil. From a distance the cars appear as a very colorful pixel gradient, or even a TV"


Based in Annecy, Brokovich spent his childhood in a small village in the mountains of the Jura. After a brief stint at the Metz School of Fine Arts, where he got his first taste of graffiti, he went on to study graphic design in Lausanne (Switzerland). Captivated by illustration from a tender age, his own personnal graphic universe finds its source not only in the street art movement, skate culture, cartoons, and comics strips, but also within the natural elements of his native Jura environment. His endless quest for innovation drives him to constantly vary both media and technique (engraving, editing, live painting, pasting, sculpture, subversion of objects…). His visual language is most often expressed through near obsessive accumulations. The spontaneous nature of his work is in direct response to his surroundings, both physical and spacial. His work incorporates the notions of serials and games. He enjoys subverting objects to reclaim them as his own in a playful manner, all the while questionning the subjectivity of their uses. Both subversively and light-heartedly, he questions us on the dehumanization of today’s society. Although his work can be divided into two separate categories, the border between them is sometimes very thin, from graphic designer/illustrator on the one hand, to visual artist with a radical approach on the other. Brokovich is resident artist at the Art By Friends Gallery, where he has occupied his own studio since May 2014.
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