Jan Kamensky | Affenfaust Galerie
Jan Kamensky | Affenfaust Galerie
Jan Kamensky | Affenfaust Galerie

Jan Kamensky

Hamburg-based artist Jan Kamensky describes himself as a visual utopian and digital gardener. Since 2020, he has been creating unique animations in which he playfully visualizes the transformation of car-friendly streets into people-friendly places. By humorously ridding streets of cars and planting virtual trees, he aims to sow a new consciousness in people's minds. Previous visual habits are to be weaned. Nowadays, roads are inseparably associated with cars. This is a modern phenomenon that needs to be changed. The street should be associated with people. He means: This change starts in the way we see the world!

Why does Kamensky call his work utopian? After the viewer:s have had a glimpse of the contrasting utopia, they return to reality with a sharpened eye - an invitation to reflect on the present situation. The view of our living world is to be changed thereby. The expansion of consciousness is in the foreground, not so much the feasibility. Even though he would certainly be happy about a realization!

In the meantime, numerous animations have been created at different locations worldwide. Among them are cities like Paris, London, Tokyo, Lisbon, Madrid, New York, Kigali, Brussels, Vienna and Berlin. Among the clients are NGOs, newspapers, exhibitions and cities.

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