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17.05.2024 - 08.06.2024


Ist der stubenrein?

The artist collective Mentalgassi literally inspires us to take our minds for a mental walk. This is also reflected in their current exhibition „Ist der stubenrein?“ ("Is he house-trained?"), whose title ironically alludes to the fact that their art is making its way into the gallery. As is characteristic for Mentalgassi, most of the works on display were created outside. Their large-format portrait photographs are usually installed in places and architecture of everyday life, giving the ordinary something extraordinary. They surprise us as we are passing by, inspiring us to reflect and making us smile. In addition to house facades or containers, their pictures can also be found on ticket validators, fences and various other objects, street furniture and architecture. Small symbioses are created with the public urban space, which is characterized by constant change and movement.

Mentalgassi's photo installations deliberately play with this resulting visual dynamic and have an ever-changing expression. Now that their works are neatly displayed in the gallery, they suddenly follow curatorial rules and also enter into communicative connections with each other. Everyone can now find out for themselves to what extent this changes the game of perspectives. However, one thing is certain: a mental walk will definitely be worth it.

Mentalgassi was founded in Berlin in 2006. Their installations can now be discovered all over the world: particularly in public spaces, but also as part of international art festivals and exhibitions, for example in the USA, Brazil and throughout Europe.


17.05.2024 - 08.06.2024


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