Acab | Affenfaust Galerie

04.12.2021 - 29.01.2022



All colours are beautiful Always carry a bible Alles Charisma am Boden Annalena Charlotte Alma Baerbock Acid can addle brains All cakes are better Acht Cola, acht Bier All communists are broke Arme CDU ahnt Blamage Art can awake bananas   The Leipzig artist duo Doppeldenk once again celebrates the diversity of the color palette in their exhibition "ACAB". In the spirit of their irrefutable principle "All colors are beautiful", the artists created a variety of new works: wood sculptures, neon works, wall reliefs, inlays or enamel pieces. Their contemporary symbolic images keep us humorously aware of the double readability of so-called truth and beliefs. Their art exposes strategies of influence in advertising, religion or politics and encourages reflection and double thinking.

04.12.2021 - 29.01.2022


Paul Roosen Contempoaray


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