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26.05.2023 - 17.06.2023

Björn Holzweg


Björn Holzweg is best known for his impressive depictions of nature and animals. With his exhibition "mobilitas" he now focuses in particular on exploring urban imagery.
For Holzweg, processes of urbanization are not necessarily to be seen in opposition to nature, but also hold the potential for meaningful coexistences and dynamics. The theme of arriving and setting off recurs through the exhibition in various facets, and forms of established mechanisms of movement can be reflected. The motif of the car, for example, sometimes seems like a relic of bygone times, and scenes of places of upheaval or political power imbalances also set our mental movement in motion:
Mobility connects - but when does it go hand in hand with restriction or imbalance? Borders or other barriers, as well as personal characteristics such as origin, health or socioeconomic status, influence our individual mobility. What exactly distinguishes a natural movement from an artificial one? What pace is appropriate and when is it worth taking a pause?
Particularly in view of the recurring ghostly color figure in Holzweg's drawings, it is interesting to also consider the second level of meaning of the term "mobilitas": from Latin, the term is translated as mobility, speed, agility, but can also mean changeability, fickleness and inconstancy.
The Hamburg artist Björn Holzweg has been represented by the Affenfaust Gallery since 2012. His sculptures, drawings, paintings and murals are present in exhibitions as well as in public space. With his art he combines since the beginning the dualism of nature and culture and always finds the balance between heaviness and lightness.


26.05.2023 - 17.06.2023


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