03.02.2023 - 04.03.2023

Andrea Wan


“Reunion” features works from Andrea Wan that served as an response to the process of transformation, the growing pains and the integration of new, done through her usual surrealist and mystical lens of story telling. The new works set a tone and intention for the now and onwards. The blue series shows the seed-planting in the liminal space of unknown, while the “totems”of cutout nature elements blooming around spinal structures is a calling for balance and harmon. Having left berlin and moved back to Canada two years ago,“Reunion” is a revisiting of the past while standing in the threshold of new beginnings.

Andrea Wanis a Hong Kong-born, Vancouver-raised Visual Artist and Illustrator. She spent the last 8 years living in Berlin and travelling around the globe after she finished her studies in Vancouver and Denmark. Andrea sees her practice as a container in which she can allow what needs to come through in her stream of consciousness. Often the otherworldly images and narratives are reflective of her ideologies. Her body of work includes, but not limited to ink on paper, murals, digital media and sculptures. Themes such as nature, personal mythology and self-enquiry have continued to propel her creative exploration over the the last years.


03.02.2023 - 04.03.2023


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