Sebastian Kuban

Sebastian Kuban was born in 1981 in Bietigheim- Bissingen, BW. He received his BA in Illustration from the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg in 2013. His passionate enthusiasm for the diverse expressions of subculture and its anarchic anti-structures serve as inspiration for his artistic work. The process of creation commits itself to the inconcrete and the image remains purpose in itself, without following a purposeful plan. The paintings brim with self-confidence and recall the unbridled impulsiveness of a child. As if the artist, after having acquired all technical skills, would return to the origin of free intuition and express it - free from the laws of the real visual world. The motifs are developed in a digital sketching process from a multitude of image snippets. Screenshots from video games, social media posts, Street View scenarios and other visual finds from the Internet are mixed to create new compositions. In this way, subjective, immediate reflections emerge from the confrontation with the digital world. Subsequently, the images develop layer by layer in alternating techniques of acrylic and markers. Grotesque and over-formed, pulsating figures in electrifying colors recall dream images through a cartoon filter and are full of references to world events, pop culture, and nerd stuff. Countless elements and details loudly con- curate for attention, and the lack of reading directions makes viewing the work an exclusive experience. Despite all the loudness, the images neither commit themselves to the viewer, nor do they demand anything from him, and thus are not dependent on being seen in any way. Sebastian Kuban lives and works in Konstanz on Lake Constance.
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