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It hardly needs to be mentioned that Samy Deluxe is one of Germany's most successful rappers. Not everyone, however, is familiar with his visual works. Samy represents an informal concept of art that crosses rigid disciplinary boundaries between music, culture, dance, poetry and visual art. He understands and lives hip-hop as a subculture that has always encompassed a diverse spectrum of artistic forms of expression, such as sampling, graffiti, breakdancing and rap. In his works, which he creates with spray cans and markers, Samy is not concerned with conveying a specific message. Rather, with them he embodies the processual in artistic expression in general: the partly translucent layers of paint that often overlap indefinitely in murals in public spaces are indicative of this. The dynamically evolved pictorial structure that Samy develops on canvases and posters oscillates anew between image, text, and sign at every glance.
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