Padure is a Romanian visual artist, currently living in Portugal. After graduating Fine Arts in Timisoara (Romania) in 2008 he embarked on a journey that led him to Portugal, where he began to show his work. With a simple and clean line style, Padure's art revolves around sharing ideas and capturing the essence of modern lifestyle. His work embodies a playful spirit and a sensitive eye for contemporary trends inspired by the urban culture. Reflecting his own personality Padure's work combines humour, simplicity and creativity to transmit messages that provoke thoughtful contemplations. Employing a minimalistic approach, he creates impactful images that resonate deeply. Padure's universe celebrates life as a journey of self-discovery, presenting a graphic fantasy that meant to transport us beyond our everyday existence. His work lies on humour with a light hearted approach, reminding us to not take everything too serious, a perfect combination for a Clean Line and a Dirty Mind.
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Anfrage: Padure - Drip Skate

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