Der letzte Schuß (TKKG)
Größe: 95 cm x 69 cm x 13 cm
Jahr: 2023
gerahmt: Nein
Signiert: auf der Rückseite signiert

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Johan Schäfer

Johan Schäfer turns the canvas into an object. Using oil, varnish and acrylic, he transfers everyday objects onto canvases, playing with a wide variety of formats. The paintings fill the entire pictorial space with the representation of the respective object, creating a semantic double. This process of appropriation creates a shift in context that makes us think anew about the meaning and symbolism of what is shown. In addition to the object series, Schäfer's artistic oeuvre also includes fictitious pictorial motifs that show us the absurdities and paradoxes of our time with a certain humor. In terms of content and form, Schäfer's works can be categorized in the styles of Pop Surrealism and Pop Realism. The Leipzig-based artist studied in Hamburg and Barcelona and graduated as a master student at the Dresden University of Fine Arts in 2013. Since then, his art has gained recognition in the form of prizes and awards and has been presented in numerous exhibitions in Germany and abroad.
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