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Jahr: 2023
Farbe: Blue Pearl | Grün | Infinity Blue | Orange | Galaxy | Gold V2 | Metalic Rot | Sonnengelb | Polarlicht Blau | Rosa

Edition von 60 | Von jeder Farbe 6 Stück

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Beste's art makes you feel as good as your first bite of ice cream in the summer. And that is exactly the artist's primary motivation: to delight people who discover his art and make them reminisce about their first ice cream in their childhood.  Thus, he creates small, humorous figures and installs them in public spaces. In particular, his comic-like ice cream characters made of polystyrene can be discovered all over Hamburg. But also other everyday things and the lettering "BESTE" adorn some house facades. In addition to polystyrene, Beste is now also experimenting with other media such as wood, 3D printing and metal.
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