Sweetest girl in town

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Größe: 40 cm x 40 cm
Signiert: Yes with certificate
gerahmt: Nein
Jahr: 2020
Edition von: 50
Nummeriert: Ja

"Early addictions (are the hardest to overcome), so better don’t feed the kids with pleasurable highs."


For AKUT, whose real name is Falk Lehmann, the portrait as one of the most famous and oldest subjects in art has always been the most interesting. Photo-realistic precision painting with unmistakable roots in the graffiti of the 90s are AKUT's trademark through the founding of the legendary graffiti collective Ma'Claim and as part of the street art duo Herakut. With this focus, he constantly explores the interplay of different techniques, materials, tools and disciplines such as painting on a small and large scale, photography and film, analogue and digital.
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