Peter Büchler

Peter Buechler is a collector and discoverer who often finds his art, his objects, by chance and makes these found objects the basis of his art. The association with object art cannot be dismissed out of hand. In the installations and paintings of Peter Buechler, many forms of expression combine to form a total work of art. Whether painting, print, installation or sound, he is not shy and creates his very own visual language. And that has it all. Disguise and veiling, these are terms that fit Peter Buechler's work very well. The artist and his works seem to be constantly in motion, his works dissolve, transform and reform again. In doing so, he leaves things their space as they come, and quite naturally incorporates irritations, misunderstandings and mistakes into the creative process. For him, they are the breeding ground on which it is possible to work well as an artist. Peter Buechler translates everyday madness into a manic world theater. In a society that builds on performance through self-optimization and makes its individuals submit to the laws of the market, efficiency and adaptation, the uncontrollable dynamics and the composition of things initially trigger irritation and resistance in us. In a system designed for efficiency, his works seem like disruptive factors or experimental arrangements. Behind Buechler's works, however, there are no messages, no pedagogical intentions, and no utopia - he does not do us that favor. For him, it is not about giving higher meaning to the world or to delusion. Rather, he seduces us into the lightness of beautiful appearances. And this we allow very, very gladly. Excerpt from the opening speech 'Nothing New'. Thomas Holthoff, Hamburg 2017

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