Uli Pforr Zur Ollen Suppelkuh | Affenfaust Galerie

11.01.2014 - 01.02.2014

Uli Pforr

Zur ollen Süppelkuh

Uli Pforr attends his current exhibition at Galerie Affenfaust to the Süppelkuh and her natural habitat - the nightlive of Hamburg. The Süppelkuh is his mascot for a certain sense of life: slightly drunk she´s whirring through the colourful night, meeting dubious people and their stories. While his smaller works deal with portraits of the Süppelkuh and several creatures of the night, his large-sized acrylic paintings, bristling with loud colours and personnel, show a world of sensory overload. The vivid range of colours reminds one of the glary lights of night. Droll figures and chimeras are bustling around, they are all part of a lunatic excess. Pforrs paintings are loud, one literally can hear the jingling of the glasses, the hubbub of voices and music. At first sight the situations seem funny and carefree, however they all implicate a momentum of seediness. Something arouses discomfort. It´s the faces of the sardonic creatures. Next to cute ones, you find distorted and ugly ones, they appeal obscure and sometimes macabre. One senses the downside of this funfair. Pictured is the moment right before the escalation. Uli Pforr, born 1978 in Dortmund, lives and works in Hamburg since 2000. In his works he combines grafic elements and painting, by organizing wild acrylic colour-fields with clear lines of marker. He has an intuitive way of working, mixing experiences and encounters, made in real live, with associations from fairy-tales and creatures seen in his dreams. Seedy milieus, their visitors and stories, which one usually tries to hide from public display, are his inspiration. These visions, mostly brought on canvas in one single outpour, show his very own view on reality. Text: Judith Hofer

11.01.2014 - 01.02.2014


Affenfaust Galerie


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