Contemplation | Affenfaust Galerie

17.03.2023 - 15.04.2023

Darko C. Nikolic


Darko C. Nikolic constructs spaces of possibilities with his artwork. His association-free arrangements of color and form, create moments of contemplative introspection. His art can be seen as an invitation to enter into dialogue with ourselves: The mere action of the geometric elements represents a fixed value and one's own sensation gains central importance.

A kind of antipode to our medial and logical everyday world, which permanently struggles for our attention, is created. Darko C. Nikolic understands this negotiation with our inner self as a necessary basis for a real negotiation on the outside: "To formulate a valuable and sustainable thought can only succeed in a good contact with oneself. The clear feeling is a corrective to the logical conclusion and the key to a strong intuitive output".

17.03.2023 - 15.04.2023

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