Polaroid 8
Größe: 8,5 cm x 5,5 cm
Signiert: Ja
Jahr: 2019

Instant photography, better known as Polaroid, is a type of alternative photography where the camera creates an instant self-developing photo. The polaroid has had its ups and downs, and has more times been close to dying out, but since the digitalization increased, the demand for Polaroids has also increased rapidly. For some generations, there is a nostalgic feeling connected to instant photography, while for other generations there is a novelty to it, since they grew up in a digitalized world.

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Pascal Kerouche

Pascal Kerouche's photographs are not only convincing from a technical point of view: in his highly praised illustrated book "Snapshot Stories", Kerouche shows portrait and snapshot photographs taken during his time in the USA, and supplements them with personal anecdotes. The success was followed in spring 2018 by his second book “Zwei Null Eins Sieben”. As a result of countless coincidences, Kerouche suddenly found himself sitting in Snoop Dogg's hotel room, for instance, and since then he has gained even more personal insights into the world of hip hop. He has worked for a lot of different artists and clients, such as 187 Strassenbande, Bones MC, Gzuz, steve aoki, usain bolt, dj khaled and lewis hamilton. Pascal Kerouche and the Affenfaust Galerie have been working together since 2017.
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