Little Things

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Größe: 25 cm x 13 cm
Jahr: 2024
Signiert: Ja

Spraypaint & Acryl auf altem Spiegel

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"Who lives the inner child, never forgets what is really important in life," says Marambolage, who wants to awaken exactly this child in all of us with her playful bright works. Behind her, at first glance seemingly light-hearted work, often hides socially relevant serious issues, which is why the support of, for example, Viva con Aqua, Greenpeace or Clubkinder is natural for her. Most of the time you can find her in her artstudio, the "Zauberei" in Sankt Pauli. There she creates new works that inspire a more positive way of being, a more understanding way of being with each other and a more loving way of dealing with our planet. She invites us to play on streets, awakens a zest for life on the walls of houses and almost therapeutically conjures up the corners of our mouths. The street is her favorite gallery, so she is for years an integral part of the street art scene, but not only that, she makes art projects at schools, daycare centers, universities, also gives workshops in her studio for large and small, enchants rooms and fulfills dreams, even two smiling HVV buses roll through Hamburg and on the Millerntorgallery, of course, she has often worked.
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