Kristin Kossi

The artist Kristin Kossi lives and works in Hamburg, Germany. She previously studied fashion design and has also worked in graphic design and typography. Her acrylic on canvas paintings are bright, bold, fun pop art pieces full of style and panache. Creativity plays an important role in Kristin Kossi's life. Her interest in fashion, her studies in fashion and previous modelling career all contributed to her artistic sensibility and perspective. Today, she employs these previous occupations thematically in her pictures. Her paintings are impact, addressing the viewer directly with their pop energy and bold aesthetic. Kristin Kossi creates complex compositions in her paintings. She uses oil paint, collage and other media to create colorful visual worlds. She works with a spatula and overlays multiple layers. In the tradition of pop art, urban landscapes, portraits of comic book characters and famous faces emerge. Kristin Kossi's works have been shown in solo and group exhibitions in Hamburg, London and Paris. Her artwork has been published in numerous magazines including British Vogue, GQ, Grazia, and OK Magazine.
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