Artefact 3
Größe: 20 cm x 15 cm x 3 cm
Jahr: 2020
Signiert: auf der Rückseite signiert

Since the beginning, Florian Eymann has been working on further disfiguring his paintings. Often it was the canvas that prevented him from working with the material without it being destroyed. In further development of his artmedia, his paintings on wood or his canvases have developed into figures cast in epoxy. Since the beginning of the year Florian Eymann paints on stone, breaks it up, puts it back together in the desired ensemble and seals it with epoxy. These works show, like no other, the fragility of Eymann's art works

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Florian Eymann

Florian Eymann lives and works in the French Loiret and came to the painting as an autodidact. With a sharp eye and painterly skill, his portraits seem to penetrate to the core of the person: The supposed faces of the portraits appear distorted, sometimes ghostly orviolently deformed. The oil paint applied with brushes, spatulas and fingers seems to peel out of the dark background and to break open the facial physionomy beyond recognition. Eymann's bizarre-expressive depictions of figures and isolated pictorial spaces are partly reminiscent of Francis Bacon, who has been holding up a mirror of human conflict to viewers since the 1920s.
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