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Size: 61 cm x 45,5 cm
Signed: Signed on the back
Year: 2018
In seinen Papierarbeiten bedient er sich bewusst einer schönen Ästhetik um dem Betrachter eine kritische Thematik näher zu bringen. Gekonnt lockt er hier das Auge vorbei an sanft ausgewogenen Farbnuancen hinab in einen illusorischen schwarzen Abgrund.


1010, lives and works in Hamburg. His art deals with language, with symbols and signs, with the automatisms of our perception, as well as with the structures of our society. In his works on paper he consciously uses a beautiful aesthetic to bring a critical topic closer to the viewer. Skilfully he lures the eye past gently balanced color nuances down into an illusory black abyss. In his acrylic paintings of bird worms, on the other hand, he rather creates a gloomy atmosphere with the writhing monochrome creatures. 1010 is a conceptualist. His art does not explain itself. It is based on a well thought-out system that has been developed again and again in recent years. He reflects this in his murals, paintings and works on paper.
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